Kyle Field Seat View – Seating Chart

Kyle Field Seat View - Seating Chart
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( Kyle Field Seat View ) Kyle Field is the American football arena situated on the grounds of Texas A&M College in School Station, Texas, US. It has been the home to the Texas A&M Aggies football crew in simple structure starting around 1904, and as an extremely durable substantial arena since 1927.[12] The seating limit of 102,733 out of 2021 makes it the biggest in the Southeastern Meeting and the fourth-biggest arena in the NCAA, the fourth-biggest arena in the US, and the 6th biggest non-hustling arena on the planet and the biggest in Texas.

Kyle field student section:

Texas A&M understudies can sit on the East sideline, from areas 120-124, 128, 129, 230-238, 330-338, and 341. Understudy seating is likewise accessible in area 132.

How large is the A&M understudy area?

Most of Kyle Field’s understudy segment is situated behind the rival’s seat region with 26,000 or more understudies extending endzone-to-endzone on three decks.

What number of global understudies are at Texas A&M?

Texas A&M College is home to north of 5,000 understudies from around the globe — practically 10% of our understudy enlistment calls some place other than the US home.

Understudy Segment: 

Where the Aggie Soul Flourishes

Ok, the understudy segment – a throbbing ocean of maroon and white, overflowing with unrestrained energy! To observe the overwhelming power of the Aggie soul, there could be no more excellent spot than the rambunctious domain of the understudies. Situated in the east side of the arena, this part is saved solely for Texas A&M understudies. Plan to be cleared away by the booming thunders, infectious serenades, and vivacious kinship that make game days at Kyle Field really extraordinary!

Kyle field capacity

Kyle Field had a seating limit of roughly 102,733, making it one of the biggest arenas in school football. The arena has gone through a few redesigns and developments over the course of the years to oblige more fans and upgrade the game-day experience.


Kyle field Seat View and Seating Chart with Seat Numbers


Seating formats might change depending upon the sort of occasion. Kindly check the singular seating outline while choosing your tickets.

All passages open an hour and a half preceding the opening shot. Passage to Kyle Field ought to follow the beneath list:

  • All-American Club: Section 3
  • BOR/Chancellor: Passage 4
  • East Side Suites: Passage 8
  • HS Mentors: Passage 2
  • Heritage Club: Passage 3
  • Media: Passage 7
  • Zone Club: Passage 5
  • NE Loge: Passage 5
  • North Lifts: Passage 6
  • NW Loge/SW Loge: Passage 3
  • North Side Suites: Section 5
  • President: Passage 2
  • Press Box: Section 7
  • Initiates: Splendid Complex
  • Understudies: Upper east Pinnacle and Southeast Pinnacle
  • TAMU Player-Visitor: McFerrin Athletic Center
  • TAMU Understudy Competitors: Passage 8
  • Ticket Deals, Will Call, Goal: McFerrin, and Sections 3, 5, 6, 8 and 9
  • Visiting Cooperative person Visitor: Southeast Pinnacle
  • West Field Box: Passage 3
  • West Side Suites: Passage 3

Prior to buying your tickets, do realize that most of the seats at the arena are grandstand seating, meaning no seat backs. On the off chance that you’re not excited with sitting on exposed grandstand seats, make certain to bring a seat pad.

By far most seating at Kyle Field Seat View offers next to zero security from cruel Texas’ sun that can truly negatively affect you on the off chance that you’re out in it for three hours all at once during a football match-up.

Here are a few instances of seating that is unquestionably somewhat covered or has some shade accessible at specific places of the day:

  • Columns 30 and up in Areas 133 and 134
  • Columns 35 and up in Area 128
  • Lines 3 and up in Area Z1
  • Lines 34 and up in Area 235
  • Lines 18 and up in Area 330
  • Lines 15 and up in Area 408
  • Lines 23 and up in Area AC3

Also, the accompanying seats in the areas and lines beneath incorporate chair backs:

  • All seats in Club segments
  • Segments 530 through 543
  • Segments 550 through 568
  • All North and South Box segments
  • Columns A through K in segments 640 through 643
  • Columns 1 through 9 in areas 610 through 619
  • All seats in segments 510 through 520
  • All seats in areas 100 through 106 as well as 300 through 306

Kyle Field Seat View are situated in the segments nearest to midfield, for example, Field Box Segments 5 through 8 on the Texas A&M side. These seats give sufficient level to watch games created while having an incredible perspective on the whole field. In the event that you have a superior spending plan for the tickets, you are encouraged to pick seats in segments 124 through 127 on the field level of the guest’s side. Do remember that your seats would be only a segment before the A&M understudy areas hence, it very well might be unruly and noisy.

  • Save your seat today by requesting your tickets. Go to the Forthcoming Occasions page to begin.
  • For data on the ticket and discount strategy if it’s not too much trouble, view the Kyle Field ticket data page.
  • For all impending occasions at the Kyle Field at Texas A&M College if it’s not too much trouble, look at the Kyle Field occasions plan.
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