Top Golf Simulators Of 2023: Bringing The Course Indoors

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Golf simulators have come a long way since their inception, transforming the way golf enthusiasts practice and enjoy the sport. In 2023, the technological advancements in golf simulators have reached unprecedented levels, allowing players to experience the intricacies of the game within the comfort of their homes or indoor facilities. This article dives deep into the latest innovations and top-rated golf simulators available in 2023, exploring their features, benefits, and how they are revolutionizing the game.

Evolution of Golf Simulators

The history of golf simulators traces back to their humble beginnings, initially offering basic graphics and limited interactivity. Over the years, advancements in sensor technology, high-resolution displays, and sophisticated software have contributed to creating a more realistic and immersive golfing experience. Improved accuracy in swing analysis, ball tracking, and course replication has been pivotal in making modern golf simulators a viable alternative to traditional practice methods.

Cutting-Edge Features in 2023 Simulators

In 2023, golf simulators boast cutting-edge features that replicate the nuances of playing on a real course. High-definition displays with 4K or even 8K resolution provide lifelike visuals, while advanced ball-tracking systems accurately simulate ball flight, spin, and trajectory. Real-time swing analysis, club data feedback, and customizable course settings contribute to an immersive and educational experience for players of all skill levels.

Top Golf Simulators of 2023

Best Golf Simulator Overall

TrackMan Golf Simulator


Buy From Trackman

TrackMan simulator bays are a five-figure consideration in most homes of PGA Tour players and many high-end instruction and club fitting facilities. The company tailors its simulator to fit any space, be it an empty garage or a designated mancave.

Equipped with the company’s TrackMan 4 launch monitor hardware and software, the TrackMan Indoor Golf Simulator uses radar and multi-camera tracking to offer highly accurate and educational swing data and ball flight tracking. The setup also includes high-def graphics and virtual recreations of more than 30 PGA Tour stops, all of which are so vivid and realistic that you’d sooner think you were playing a world-class course. While the five-figure price tag will blow most budgets out of the water, this is as good as it gets in the world of golf simulators.


Best Golf Simulator For Kids

SwingLogic SLX MicroSim


Buy From Amazon

For less than $300, the SwingLogic SLX MicroSim serves up minimal equipment with the right software to play simulated golf in any home, school or office. Indoors, the included swing stick packs sensor tech that translates to golf motion on any linked device. The E6 Connect software provides the simulated courses and greens.

Outdoors, the SLX MicroSim brings the same sensor tech that can transfer to your actual golf clubs. The full swings outside work their way into the E6 simulated courses, allowing play from any practice range.

Best Golf Simulator For A Little Less

Unikor SimKit – EYE XO Simulator


Buy From Uneekor

The Unicorn SimKit – EYE XO Simulator is hardly cheap enough for you to grab a couple for home and office, but it offers all of the essential, full-size practice and play options you’d want in any simulator for less than half of what TrackMan charges. Plus, Uneekor makes sure to include every component you’d need to set up your full service simulator in one convenient package.

The EYE XO arrives with necessary software; a custom and pre-sized enclosure with impact screen; landing turf; 4’ x 10’ hitting mat with replaceable insert; LCD projector with ceiling mount and a 15′ L HDMI cable.

Best Golf Simulator For The Rainy Season

Garmin Approach R10 Portable Golf Launch Monitor


Buy From Amazon

In addition to its wrist-worn fitness trackers, the boffins at Garmin make excellent golf rangefinder watches – so they know the game. They leaped into the simulator and launch monitor world with the Garmin Approach R10. It’s entirely waterproof, making it a prime choice for golf meccas where the rainy season can prove a problem on practice ranges from Florida to Hawaii.

Once set up, the Approach R10 reads all of the essential swing metrics necessary to educate and improve your game. Then, just for fun, you can activate the subscription service on the free Garmin Golf app to play virtual rounds on more than 42,000 courses around the world.

Best Golf Simulator For Indoor/Outdoor Use

Bushnell Golf Launch Pro


Buy From Amazon

The portable Bushnell Golf Launch Pro can function as a go-to launch monitor for any home golf simulator. Unhook it from your home network, and the Launch Pro will go with you to a course’s driving range or other practice facility. It’s built tough enough to travel back and forth with ease.

For an additional one-time cost of $3,499, you can unlock Bushnell’s FSX simulator software that transforms the Launch Pro into a virtual practice range equipped with 10 simulated courses, 3D ball flight tracking and data storage for up to eight players. FSX also allows players to save practice session statistics and simulator rounds. The software can connect to a large, room-sized catch screen or a computer screen if you hit into a net.

Best Value Golf Simulator

FlightScope Mevo

$1799$1999SAVE $200 (10%)

Buy From Amazon

While you might not consider anything with a sticker price of around $2,000 to be particularly affordable, it’s a good price for a fully functional golf simulator. The FlightScope Mevo can operate as a launch monitor and simulator indoors and out whether you’re using a net or hitting away downrange.

While many simulators require additional payments for software licensing or access to a collection of simulated courses, the Mevo+ gives you six courses and 17 practice ranges out of the box without subscription fees, though these are only available for iOS users.

Best Indoor Golf Simulator

OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator

$399$600SAVE $201 (34%)

Buy From Amazon

While many of the golf simulators here use an upright device to read swing dynamics that A.I. transformed into golf shots, the OptiShot 2 looks more like the kind of golf mat you’d find at your local driving range or simulator. Its sensors read the swing on a horizontal plane, sending the data to display software that can connect to a catch screen or any TV or Windows laptop.

With the OptiShot 2, you get access to 15 virtual golf courses and practice ranges to test and record home sessions. Unlike others on this list, the OptiShot 2 isn’t a pricey simulator and it often goes on sale, but it comes backed by a one-year warranty that adds a little peace of mind to the purchase.

Best Outdoor Golf Simulator

SkyTrak Launch Monitor


Buy From Amazon

Like many of the simulators listed here, the SkyTrak Launch Monitor reads swing data before translating data onto a virtual practice range that displays essential statistics such as distance, direction, loft, spin rate, etc. For additional service subscription fees, a world of simulated courses become available, allowing you to expand your horizons.

To insulate and protect the SkyTrak from the outdoor environment at the open driving range or outdoor net, the simulator ships with a durable metal case for added protection. The case even features leveling legs if you happen to be hitting off the mat.

Best Budget Golf Simulator

Phigolf Home Golf Simulator

$220$275SAVE $55 (20%)

Buy From Amazon

The Phigolf Home Golf Simulator provides you with a weighted swing stick and an onboard sensor that becomes your driver, iron or putter as you play through a virtual, on-screen course. That swing stick is short enough that you’ll be able to swing it full speed in most rooms.

Also safe for outdoor use, the Phigolf simulator will also offer swing analysis while you play a virtual practice round. The simulation software includes more than 60 courses that live on any laptop, or Android and iOS phone or tablet.

Best Golf Simulator For Putting

Fiberbuilt Indoor & Outdoor Golf Putting Green


Buy From Amazon

There’s only one club in the bag that you’re guaranteed to pull out on every hole unless the golf gods smile on you with a hole from off the green—the putter. Still, use of that putter is often an element of the game too few players practice adequately. To prove it, go to your local driving range, count the horde of hitters in the hitting bays and then look at the handful you’ll find on the practice greens. The latter are the serious golfers.

With that in mind, Fiberbilt offers a wide selection of indoor putting greens. The feel underfoot offers enough cushion to replicate an actual green, while three cup placements allow for the creation of multiple simulated breaks. The company can build custom sizes or combine existing mats to fit any at-home putting area.

Best Portable Golf Simulator

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

$299$500SAVE $201 (40%)

Buy From Amazon

Admittedly, the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor isn’t a full-on golf simulator on a scale with a TrackMan. Still, it can simulate play in a limited way by tracking distances, providing targets, scoring the results, providing statistics and improvement tips, etc. Most importantly, it costs a tiny fraction of what even other portable simulators and monitors manage at just around $500 MSRP.

Working only with your iOS device, the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor tracks all of the golf stats from distance to club speed to ball speed to launch angle and beyond, reporting all of the metrics back to your phone or tablet. The Rapsodo also offers the benefit of extreme portability, fitting in your golf bag – or your pocket.

Best Golf Simulator For The Tech Head

Foresight Sports GC3 Golf Launch Monitor


Buy From Amazon

For just a tick shy of nine large, the Foresight Sports GC3 Golf Launch Monitor takes its place alongside the other portable units in this collection as it records all of the essential swing stats necessary to track and improve your play. The GC3 records ball speed; horizontal and vertical launch angles; total spin and side spin; spin axis; carry distance; club head speed; smash factor; angle of attack and club path.

For those players who really get into the research and golf science aspects of the game, the Foresight Sports GC3 Golf Launch Monitor counts some of the game’s top, detail-focused instructors as consultants and endorsers. That team includes Butch Harmon (Tiger Woods’ former coach) and The Golf Channel’s Martin Hall.

Advantages of Using Golf Simulators

Exploring the advantages of using golf simulators, including:

  • Accessibility and convenience for practice
  • Year-round play, irrespective of weather conditions
  • Enhanced learning through data-driven feedback
  • Entertainment value for social gatherings or events

How to Choose the Right Golf Simulator

Guidance on selecting the most suitable golf simulator based on individual preferences, including factors such as budget, space requirements, features, and intended use. Comparisons between portable, high-end, and mid-range simulators to assist in decision-making.


In conclusion, the evolution of golf simulators has revolutionized the way golf is practiced and enjoyed. The top-rated simulators of 2023 bring the thrill of the course indoors, offering a blend of realism, technology, and convenience. As these simulators continue to advance, they provide an invaluable tool for both amateurs and professionals to hone their skills and indulge in the sport regardless of external factors.

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 Can golf simulators accurately replicate real course conditions?

 Modern golf simulators use advanced technology for ball tracking, course mapping, and environmental factors, providing highly realistic gameplay.

Are golf simulators suitable for beginners?

 Yes, golf simulators offer a controlled environment for beginners to learn and improve their skills with instant feedback and analysis.

What space is required for setting up a golf simulator?

 Space requirements vary, but generally, a room with a minimum ceiling height of 8-10 feet and enough width for swinging comfortably is recommended.

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